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The ARCRA Retiree Connection

The ARCRA Retiree Connection (202-303-7184) is a nationwide service that assists Red Cross retirees with pension and benefit issues, access to resources and general information to successfully navigating retirement.

ARCRA retiree volunteers, called LINKS, staff the Retiree Connection.  They monitor the message number and will call you back, generally within 24 hours.  When they call you back to talk about your issue or concern, they can help you and  connect you with needed information or resources.  If you wish, they can get on the phone with you when you call the Benefit Service Center to help work through an issue related to your Red Cross pension, benefits or service history.  And, if it seems like the issue cannot get resolved, they can escalate your call to the American Red Cross through the ARCRA administrator. The goal is to provide a service to you, the Red Cross retiree, and help you get answers and resolve your issue working with the Red Cross Benefit Service Center.  The ARCRA volunteers can also connect you to community resources that can help you with day to day support.

Call the Retiree Connection 202-303-7184, if you need help with your benefits, connect to community resources, or if you just need to talk with another Red Crosser. Leave a message and we will call you back, usually the next business day.

For help, call the Retiree Connection at 202-303-7184 and leave a message with your:

    1. Name
    2. Phone number
    3. email if available
    4. City, State
    5. Description of the issue or help needed. 
    6. If you have been working with the Benefits Service Center on a Red Cross pension or benefit issue be sure to include the service request number if you have one.   

Sometimes making a personal connection is as important as addressing the issue that prompted the call.  Gregory L. Smith, the new Retiree Connection Coordinator, shared his notes from a call he returned:

During my last duty shift, I retrieved a message from one of our members who was confused about her benefits. Doing our conversation, she mentioned that usually her son would help her with such things and that she was struggling with it all as he had recently passed. I spent a good deal of time with her and was able to successfully assist her. In addition to directly addressing several of her concerns, I was able to get her reconnected to the Red Cross @Work benefits portal. As the call ended, she told me she was grateful for my help and asked me to repeat my name. When I did, she paused …and in a tone that can best be described as melancholy said “that was my son’s name”. Let that sink in for a moment. It was a powerful experience for the two of us. Joyful for me because I was able to assist her in a uniquely special way. Help comes in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it’s just talking to someone and being yourself…and sometimes, it just needs to be us helping us. That’s why I’m a member of the ARC Retiree Association and why I volunteer to be an American Red Cross Retiree Connection LINK!  

431 18th St, NW, Washington, DC 2006  PO Box 1581  .  Vienna, VA 22180
E-mail: admin@arcretireeassoc.org
Tel: 202-303-7184 ARCRA & Retiree Connection

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