The American Red Cross Alumni Network (ARCAN) is a member community open to over 55,000 former employees of the American Red Cross in the U.S. and around the world. Founded in 2024, we are independent from the American Red Cross, but it is our Red Cross experiences that unite us.

ARCAN’s vision is to unite around the ideals, the humanitarian mission and all the other things we valued most about being a part of the Red Cross: the service, the global perspective, the learning and most of all, the people. Together, we can learn from one another’s successes, inspire higher ideals, and support one another on our journeys in every chapter of our lives. 

We are led by a dedicated and talented group of alumni serving on our board, leading committees and task forces and volunteering their time to support the ARCAN community.  


ARCAN is a way to stay connected to what we valued most about working for the Red Cross and to apply those experiences and relationships to continue making a positive difference in the world. We provide avenues for connecting with colleagues, opportunities to grow and pivot professionally, and guidance for focusing our interests and resources for maximum impact. Alumni Network members can:


  • A member directory shares profile information among members, with permission. Individuals and member groups are searchable by geography, Red Cross affiliation and more. 
  • Emails and newsletters regularly bring the latest updates about ARCAN programs and interests, and the latest Red Cross news directly to member’s inboxes. 
  • Social media pages and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn create interest publicly and also provide private forums where members can engage in conversation, receive timely information about events and opportunities and share stories, photos and videos. 
  • Our robust website is continually updated and offers an inviting and informative space to welcome members, and an intuitive digital home for ARCAN members to explore and connect. 
  • Affiliated and regional groups connect via our website and communications tools and provide more face-to-face activities and local community involvement.


  • Virtual events include webinars, tutorials, podcasts, classes and social gatherings.
  • In-person events include member meetings and reunions, regional gatherings and local service projects.
  • Career support leverages the Alumni Network to contribute resources, trainings, job openings, speaking engagements, freelance gigs and more. We also provide a link to the Red Cross career page/job listings. 
  • A Retiree Resources hub offers current retirement-related news and features co-located with Retiree Connection – the valuable volunteer-staffed helpline -- and an FAQ that provides Red Cross pension and benefits guidance and updates.
  • Trainings, tutorials and tips on everything from social media engagement and resume building to honing soft-skills and shared hobbies, our library of educational resources will be populated by members’ offerings, referrals and recommendations.


        • One of the strongest points of connection to our ARCAN community is a commitment to service. We make it easy to give back through opportunities for volunteering with ARCAN and ways to help advance lifesaving Red Cross initiatives, but we don’t stop there. We encourage members to tell us where they are investing their hearts and time, beyond the Red Cross, and propose causes and projects that others might choose to join and support.  


We value our Red Cross experiences and believe we all can achieve more by staying connected. Your participation is the strength of ARCAN. We can't wait to see what you'll bring to and gain from the community. 



As a dynamic new organization for Red Cross alumni, ARCAN emerged when the need for the American Red Cross Retiree Association's purpose, advocating for pensions and retirement issues, had faded. The 50-year journey is one that we are proud of, but leadership recognized an opportunity to pivot and open the door to former Red Cross employees of all ages to join and grow this community. 


The American Red Cross Alumni Network (ARCAN) is dedicated to empowering and connecting Red Cross alumni. Through engagement, communication, ongoing learning and humanitarian spirit we aim to amplify the impact of our collective experience and work together to leave a lasting legacy of compassion and service in our communities and around the world.


ARCAN is independent from the American Red Cross but it is our Red Cross experiences that connect us. Our vision is to unite around the ideals, the humanitarian mission and all the other things we value most about being a part of the Red Cross: the service, the global perspective, the learning and most of all, the people. Membership is open to former American Red Cross employees of all ages. 

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