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by ARCRA President Jim Hamilton September 1, 2020

Thanks to some great work by Harold Brooks and the Advocacy & Education Committee, ARCRA has been offering webinars for our membership since last Fall.  The turnout to the webinars has been very good, along with feedback from attendees.  The topics have been varied, including Red Cross International Services, Red Cross Disaster Services, Retirement and Recent Tax Law Changes, Strengthening our Psychological Resilience during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and a Red Cross Biomedical Services update. These webinars are a relatively new program, and our goal is to continue with additional topics that are timely and informative to retirees.  In addition, these webinars are opportunities to hear from leaders in the Red Cross family providing updates on Red Cross work.  We encourage you to participate either by logging in through the webinar link, or if you prefer to listen in by phone, a call-in number is also provided.  If you have missed the last couple of webinars, you can read summaries by clicking here.  In addition, if you have ideas for future topics, please email us at

We hope that if you haven’t yet participated in a webinar that you put this event on your calendar.  And, if you have participated, that you continue to join us for these valuable learning and sharing opportunities.  Look for the link to this ARCRA webinar in the September eNewsletter!

Our next webinar is scheduled for October 21, at 2pm EST.

Topic:  The Next Steps on Our Journey for an Inclusive American Red Cross

Since George Floyd was killed on the streets of Minneapolis on Memorial Day, virtually every organization in America has examined its own history, its own record of successes and failures in promoting a diverse and inclusive society, and its own culture and practices. American Red Cross is no exception. Join us on October 21, for a discussion on race, led by key figures who can help us account for racial history back to the 1960s, and assess Red Cross’ present and future.


Complete information about the webinar, the presenters and panel can be found by clicking here.

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