The Voice of ARC Retirees

From ARCRA President Michael Carroll

Twice each year, the ARCRA Communications Team works hard to publish this print newsletter and to include “news-you-can-use” for our Red Cross retirees. In this edition, you’ll find:

  • An analysis of the Annual Funding Notice and MAP-21 Supplement regarding the Retirement System of the Red Cross prepared by our Advocacy and Education Committee. We’ll be meeting with President McGovern and others in DC on 1/24 and will be prepared with additional questions concerning the health of the system.
  • A description of a new opportunity to help sustain ARCRA through voluntary financial contributions.
  • Info and a ballot for the election of four highly-qualified new Directors and the reelection of four board members to their 2nd terms.
  • A reminder for Annual Members to renew their memberships. (Most expire on 12/31/2018)
  • The valuable service provided by the volunteers who answer the Retiree Connection Line
  • Other articles we hope you’ll find informative and helpful.

Our Board met on October 2; we’ll post the Minutes to the website when they are finalized.

To recap:

Membership Chair Jim Hamilton reported that total ARCRA members stood at 1,323 but the rate at which new retirement benefit recipients are joining continued below past performance and projections. Efforts continue on all fronts to reverse this trend.

Treasurer Jack Campbell reported that disappointing membership results continued to create financial pressures and a year-end forecast of a net shortfall of about $7K on a budget of about $44,000.

Finally, you’ll also find an invitation to provide us with feedback that I hope many members will accept. Our leadership team spends a lot of time talking about how we can best support Red Cross retirees and make membership worth your investment. There’s just no substitute for suggestions from those we are trying to serve.

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We're retired, but the world--and the Red Cross--continue to change.  And changes at the Red Cross sometimes directly affect retirees, whether we're paying attention or not!

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