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The American Red Cross Alumni Network is dedicated to facilitating connections between alumni and resources we can all share. Our alumni connect through their Red Cross experiences and shared values. But given the full scope of the Red Cross, many alumni also identify with specific functions, like disaster relief, biomedical services, water safety training, IT and many more.  For other alumni it’s geographic proximity or affinity linked to gender, race or ethnic identity.

ARCAN encourages Affiliated Groups to make use of Network resources to engage members within their groups and continue doing great things! Groups in turn help support the greater alumni community by hosting live and virtual events, enabling networking, sharing ideas, and promoting alumni-led initiatives.

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Northern California Coastal Group

Southern California Group

Greater Washington-Baltimore Group

Greater St. Louis Group

Greater Cleveland Group

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Greater Washington-Baltimore Group Spring Membership Luncheon

At the Greater Washington-Baltimore Group Spring Membership Luncheon, actress Mary Ann Jung enacted some of Clara Barton’s finest moments. She enlisted the help of audience members to play a doctor, soldiers and a nurse’s assistant. The program was educational and very entertaining.

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ARCAN is independent from the American Red Cross but it is our Red Cross experiences that connect us. Our vision is to unite around the ideals, the humanitarian mission and all the other things we value most about being a part of the Red Cross: the service, the global perspective, the learning and most of all, the people. Membership is open to former American Red Cross employees of all ages. 

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