Getting Ready to Travel by Air-Get ready for TSA

07/30/2021 9:18 AM | Anonymous

Americans are starting to travel again. On July 15 more than 2.15 million went through airport security and the numbers just keep increasing.  I was at both Newark and Washington Dulles airports on Sunday, July 25 in the late afternnon, and both airports were packed with masked travelers - families, couples and grandparents on vacation.  Remember by law, EVERYONE, unless you are two or younger, must wear a face mask in the airport and on planes unless eating or drinking. 

Improve the airport screening process by following TSA protocals.  (NOTE:TSA Precheck allows you to avoid some screening proceedures like taking off your shoes..  Also if you are over 75 you do not need to remove your shoes.):

1. Arrive at the airport early. And sign up for TSA PreCheck®, which allows for speedier passage through screening.

2. Remove your belt and personal items from your pockets and put them in your carry-on bag before lining up for screening. 

3. TSA officials no longer physically handle boarding passes, so place your paper or electronic pass on the code reader and hold it for the officer to inspect. Briefly lower your mask to confirm your identity when asked by TSA agent.

4. You can bring up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer through security, just remove it from carry-on bags before screening.

6. Remove laptops and tablets from your carry-on bag and placed in a bin with nothing on or under them for X-ray screening.

7. Practice physical distancing whenever possible during the screening process.

8. TSA will accept a driver’s license or state-issued ID up to a year after expiration.. Note security-enhanced  Real ID will be required after May 3, 2023.

9. Watch the new FAA  online video featuring children instructing adults on how to behave maturely.

Questions-Contact the TSA’s customer service center at 866-289-9673, or get in touch through Twitter (@AskTSA) or Ask TSA on Facebook. If you require assistance because of medical or disability issues, contact TSA Cares at least 72 hours in advance of your flight at 855-787-2227.

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