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The American Red Cross Retiree Association is the only organization that speaks to Red Cross management on behalf of retirees. Membership benefits include this comprehensive website, a newsletter, money-saving discounts on a wide range of products and services, emergency assistance and advocacy through the Retiree Connection Program (202-303-8779), opportunities to socialize with colleagues, and the certainty that your voice is heard at Red Cross headquarters.

Simply stated, the mission of the American Red Cross Retiree Association is to enhance the financial, health, and social well-being of its members and others who make up the Red Cross retiree family

Contact Information:

PO Box 1581

Vienna, VA 22180

E-mail: ADMIN@arcretireeassoc.org

Tel: 202-303-8779

What We Do

Advocacy: ARCRA leadership keeps close track of our pension fund and other benefits and meets regularly with Red Cross management to emphasize the value we place on our benefits, and to be updated on any issues and concerns.

Useful Communications:  This website, along with e-mail communications and newsletters, brings authoritative analysis of our pension and benefits, information on other retirement concerns, updates on the work of the Red Cross, and much more “news you can use.”

Resources for Staying Connected: This website is the primary resource for ARCRA members. In addition to news and features, here you'll find our membership directory, our guide to ARCRA groups, a "speak your mind" forum, and so much more. 

Help with retirement-related concerns: If you can't get the help you need with your pension or benefit issues through the Red Cross itself, the RETIREE CONNECTION, is here to help. It's  a volunteer-staffed, nationwide, toll-free hotline just for members at 202-303-8779.

ARCRA relies on active committees to meet its purposes and support Red Cross retirees. These committees become stronger when ARCRA members join board members and contribute their experience and insights. Generally, committees convene quarterly by phone.  

To convey interest or ask for additional information, contact ARCRA at admin@arcretireeassoc.org or call 202-303-8779.


ARCRA Committees

MEMBERSHIP: Develop and implement the ways and means to reach all persons vested in the ARC retirement system or savings plan or employed by ARC for five or more years to encourage their membership and participation in ARCRA.  

FINANCE: Develop a recommended annual budget for approval by the board and recommend policies for the accountable and prudent management of Association funds and other assets.

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE: Responsible for leadership development within ARCRA and to present a list of nominees for election to office and a proposed slate of candidates for election to the Board.

PROGRAMS & SERVICES: Assess the needs of Red Cross retirees and develop, implement and oversee programs and services that improve the quality of life and help enhance self-reliance for all Red Cross retirees.

ADVOCACY & EDUCATION: Maintain a working relationship with American Red Cross management and advocate for the interests of Red Cross retirees and  ARCRA members. It shall also regularly provide information about Red Cross and other topics useful to its members.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Responsible  for developing and publishing the Association's monthly eNewsletter, semi-annual print newsletter (The Retiree) and the website.  Examine, approve and coordinate all other major communications distributed by ARCRA.  

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Comprised by the officers of the Board and has the powers of the Board to act between board meetings.  Reports all actions to the members of the Board.

Our History

During the 1970s, a small group of Red Cross retirees in Florida began meeting, simply as a way to keep in touch. Before long similar gatherings popped up in the Washington, D.C. area, on the West Coast, and some other places as well.

These groups soon realized that Red Cross retirees nationwide had similar concerns and were interested in the same issues affecting the quality of retirement life. So in 1976 the Florida group incorporated as the Association of American Red Cross retirees. Membership was soon extended to other groups, a newsletter was begun and formal communication with national management and the retirement system was established.

In 1988, the Red Cross announced plans to terminate and revert its retirement plan, alarming retirees across the country. Membership in the Association grew quickly and additional groups were formed as retirees sought more information and input on this crucial issue. Their concerns were heard loud and clear, and materially influenced the decisions to increase retiree benefits from the plan's reverted assets.

Realizing the need for continuing dialogue, but somewhat wary of the growing strength of the Association, in 1986 the Board of Governors formed an official Retiree Advisory Council composed of select retirees. Twice a year, the Council met with Red Cross management and volunteer leaders about issues and concerns of retirees.

In 1992, the Association, now a truly national organization, moved its headquarters from Florida to the Washington, D.C. area, hired its first paid staff and reorganized to be more responsive to its national membership base. It established a respectful and responsible relationship with the Red Cross and its retirement system. In 1996, the Association agreed to change its name to The Association of Retirees from the American Red Cross

With the turn of the century it became obvious that the improved working relationship between the Association and the Red Cross no longer required two retiree organizations. In 2003 the Board of Governors approved a merger plan drawn up by Association and Council leaders, and the American Red Cross Retiree Association was born. It stated that the Association was established to (i) facilitate communications and concerns between Red Cross Retirees and the Red Cross management and board of governors, and (ii) support the provision of Red Cross services to the American public. 

Today, as the sole organization representing the interests of retirees, their spouses and beneficiaries, and others who are members of the Red Cross retirement plan, the Association provides an array of services designed to improve the financial, health and social well being of members of Red Cross retirees. It is a critical channel of communication among retirees and with Red Cross staff. 

PO Box 1581, Vienna, VA 22180
E-mail: admin@arcretireeassoc.org
 | Tel: 202-303-8779 | ARCRA & Retiree Connection

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