Seven Ways to get the Covid-19 Vaccine if you are Over 65

02/11/2021 10:13 AM | Anonymous

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine takes patience and perseverance.  So if you are over 65, start now with these seven ways to get the vaccine.  Start by checking with you state health department because every state has its own rules on who gets the vaccine first and when it is available to other groups.  Some states and counties have set up vaccination sites, others are partnering with hospitals and pharmacies to distribute the vaccine, and some states have both options in place. Check out your state on the  CDC websiteTrusted Source.

You can also Google your state to get information and, in some cases,  register to receive the vaccine. 

Contact your doctor or health care provided to get information about vaccination sites and scheduling.  In some cases, you might need a referral from your doctor to get vaccinated.

Read the full list here on Healthline. Don't give up-be patient.

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