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How can you be a better traveler in 2021?

01/12/2021 2:31 PM | Anonymous

With COVID-19 vaccines a reality in 2021, all of us are making plans to travel this year and in the future.  As you start making your plans make a commitment to traveling with a  conservation mindset.

A conservation mindset means stepping off the beaten path and lingering longer, respecting cultural differences and investing in the communities we visit, reconnecting with nature in the wild spaces around us, supporting organizations that are protecting the planet, and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprints. Nat Geo Travel suggests that you can start by stargazing (and counteract light pollution), embrace diversity outdoors (and support parklands), embark on a heritage journey (and support historic landmarks, buildings, and districts), and help your grandkids become explorers (take them with you and share your adventures).  

Click here to get more ideas from Nat Geo Travel.

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