Stay Connected to Family and Friends to Survive COVID-19

05/11/2020 2:28 PM | Anonymous

Most of us are staying inside and online. Through phone calls, email, text messages and assorted conference calls and video-chat platforms we are trying to stay connected with family and friends.  But how do you stay connected with less tech-savvy family and friends who cannot jump on a Zoom chat because they do not have a "modern" computer or a computer at all. 

Before you look at the list of easy tech products, stick to the simple.  Get a free conference call number and set up a group call.  You can always write a letter, that can be read over and over, and shared with others.

But if you want a tech solution, here is the list of easy tech:

  1. Try one of the many free conference call services.  
  2. Jitsi Meet is free, simple face-to-face video-conference that works in most browsers and has apps for Android and iOS. It doesn’t require an account, can deliver smooth video and audio, and includes extras like in-chat YouTube playback, which allows everyone to watch the same YouTube video at the same time.
  3. Echo Show offers a built in camera and screen for virtual face-to-face that connects through Amazon's Alexa.  But everyone needs an Echo Show to participate.
  4. Facebook Portal uses your Facebook accounts to connect but everyone need a Facebook Portal.  

Research  has shown that maintaining social connection is as important for your physical health as it is for your mental health. Last month, The New York Times reported  that “loneliness increases the risk of an earlier death by 26 percent,” and  that “lacking any social connection may be comparable to smoking up to 15 cigarettes per day as a risk factor for mortality.”

Read more at the New York Times

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