Taking Care of Errands During COVID-19

04/17/2020 2:56 PM | Anonymous

Here are some simple tips to stay safe while completing everyday errands.  FIRST keep trips to the grocery, pharmacy and other public places to a minimum.  ALWAYS wear a face mask.  Always wash your hands when you return and disinfect common surfaces.

  • Shopping-Wear a face mask, keep 6 feet apart, wash your hands and disinfect common surfaces at home.  Keep touching cans, bottles, and stuff to a minimum.  Make trips during off-peak times or during special "Senior Shopping Hours".  Use touch-less payment like Apple Pay or Google Pay, if possible.
  • Medical Care- Call 911 for emergencies.  Call your doctor first for any coronavirus symptoms before going to the ER or your doctor's office.  Consider Telemedicine as an alternative for a doctor's office visit.  When in doubt, call your doctor first.
  • Prescriptions-Keep a few weeks’ worth of prescriptions on hand according to the CDC. Rather than going out ot pick up your prescription, check if your pharmacy will deliver or send your refill via the mail. 
  • Deliveries-Yes, the virus lives on paper, cardboard and other surfaces for a period of time.  A quick disinfectant wipe down won’t hurt.   Be nice to delivery folks, they are working and you can stay at home.
  • Exercise- If possible, go outside to exercise.  Maintain the 6-foot distance while you take a walk or a run, or walk to the store.  Disinfect anything you touch in a gym before and after use.
  • Socialize with friends – virtually.

    Answers to many of  your coronavirus questions can be found at The New York Times Smarter Living.

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