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05/23/2018 3:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

One of the Retiree Association’s most vital benefits may also be its least visible.

We advocate on behalf of retirees. We advocate especially with the senior leadership of American Red Cross. We meet annually with President and CEO Gail McGovern, and we have more frequent interactions with those who make decisions about pension and health care benefits, and who are in charge of the systems we depend on, such as the Benefits Service Center. We make sure that when decisions are made on any of these topics, the interests of Red Cross retirees are represented.

 Advocacy goes both ways. We also convey the viewpoints of American Red Cross to our members. We don’t do so mindlessly. We are separate from American Red Cross, and protect our independence. From time to time we will disagree with ARC. But most of us know from our own experience as employees, that most of the time Red Cross does the right thing for the right reasons. Especially when Red Cross finds itself in controversy, we make sure our members know the Red Cross side of the story.  And not just because we support the mission of the American Red Cross and our former co-workers, but also because a strong American Red Cross can better support its retirees.

Another area of high importance is educating our members about any topic that matters to retired people – health care, tax planning, money-saving opportunities, and more.

We’ve been at this in an organized fashion for a while. But in this and future issues of our eNewsletter we’ll have an “In Your Corner” column that especially calls out our advocacy or educational activities.

One of our first efforts will be developing a new “Resources for ARCRA Retirees” section on the website and the posting of a “Pension Primer” for retirees.  It will be a reference tool to answer many common questions about pensions.  It will be in a question-and-answer format and divided into sections with links – so you can go to the information you need, when you need it.  You will receive more information about this new resource in mid-May.

By the way, we have an energetic committee doing this work. But we could use a couple more members. If you’d like to be part of this effort, send a note to our administrator, Christie Phillips and we’ll take it from there

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