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  • 10/04/2019 12:40 PM | Anonymous

    ARCOA Honorees Help Keep Red Cross History Alive

    The service of remembrance for those who have died in service to the American Red Cross is held annually at national headquarters. Each year, a wreath is placed in the garden at Red Cross Square at the foot of the statue commissioned by ARCOA and created by the world-famous sculptor of the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, Felix de Weldon.  The sculpture was dedicated in 1959.  Its depiction of the three Red Cross workers reaching to help a fallen soldier embodies the spirit of the organization.

    The American Red Cross Overseas Association (ARCOA) is an independent national organization that started post WWII in 1949.  It serves to renew and continue friendships created while in Red Cross service overseas, keeps alive the spirit that prompted that service, contributes to international understanding, works for the mutual benefit of members, engages in community service, provides services to members in need, acknowledges an outstanding humanitarian annually, and makes training funds available to members, members' children and grandchildren.


  • 10/01/2019 9:50 AM | Anonymous

    Although you don’t need to sign up for Medicare each year, you should review your coverages and make changes if the choices you made for 2019 no longer meet your needs. Making changes could also lower your out-of-pocket costs

    October 1

    Compare your 2019 coverage with other options

    October 15-December 7

    Change your health or prescription d  rug (Part D) coverage if you find plans that belter meet your needs

    January 1

    New coverage begins if you made changes. If you kept your 2019 coverage, any changes in premiums or coverage take effect.

    Each year, many Medicare participants allow their supplemental coverage, Medicare Advantage or Part D (prescriptions drug) coverage to rollover into the new year only to learn later that premiums have gone up significantly or that medications they need are no longer covered or are much more expensive. Although it can take a little time, an annual review of your coverage can improve your coverage and sometimes save you money.

    Fortunately, there are excellent resources to help with comparison and enrollment:

    • ·         Most current Medicare enrollees will receive “Medicare & You 2010”; the official US Gov’t Medicare Handbook
    • ·         https://www.medicare.gov/plan-compare is an “official” website designed to help make the right choice.
    • ·         Not online? Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) for help
    • ·         Red Cross retirees can also receive support through the Aon Retiree Health Exchange at https://retiree.aon.com/ or by phoning 1-877-458-9657. (Retirees receiving American Red Cross Retiree Health reimbursement must purchase coverages through Aon.)
    Your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) also offers free personalized support; check local sources for the number.

  • 09/05/2019 5:37 PM | Anonymous

    Save the Date for ARCRA Zoom Video Conference call with SVP, Koby Langley - September 17, 2019 at 1:30 PM Eastern or 10:30 AM Pacific Time

    IMPORTANT: New link and number https://zoom.us/j/721187175

    The Advocacy & Education Committee is happy to introduce a new tool we hope will provide another means for us to stay in touch. It is the ARCRA Zoom Video Conference. Many of you have participated in WebEx Webinars. The same folks who built it, came together and built Zoom. The difference is, for small users, it is free. And it’s much simpler than WebEx. ARCRA Zoom video conferencing makes it easy for the Association to reach all retirees. If you have a computer, mobile device or a phone, you can join us in educational and perhaps entertaining exchange. For a preview, go to www.Zoom.us. or you can join in your web browser by using these steps:

    1. Click the link below to join the meeting.
    2. An option Join from your Browser may appear automatically. If it does not, select download & run Zoom.
    3. The option Join from your Browser will appear.
    4. You will be prompted to enter your name.
    5. Click Join to be taken into the meeting.

    Our inaugural speaker is Koby Langley, JD MPA, Senior vice President International Services and Services to the Armed Forces for American Red Cross. Koby started with Red Cross as SVP for SAF in February, 2015. He was asked to take on the additional responsibilities for International Services and International Humanitarian Law in July, 2018. The video conference will be set up so that Koby will give us an update on American Red Cross generally, then talk about his portfolio of International and SAF. Following his presentation there will be a question and answer session with Koby at which time you can ask any questions you might have for him. If you are shy, there is a chat function so you can write and submit your questions for his response. We hope this ARCRA Zoom video conference will be the first of many informative and fun ways to be in touch with fellow retirees, Red Cross leaders and other folks we can engage in mutually beneficial conversations. If you have questions or suggestions for other subjects, email Harold Brooks, Chair ARCRA Advocacy & Education Committee at harold.brooks@me.com

    Time: Sep 17, 2019 1:30 PM Eastern or 10:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Join ARCRA Zoom Meeting

    IMPORTANT: New link and number https://zoom.us/j/721187175

    One tap mobile

    408.638.0968,,2977927960# meeting number, US (San Jose)

    669.900.6833,,2977927960# meeting number, US (San Jose)

    If you are unable to log in with a computer you can dial using the numbers above

  • 09/05/2019 5:32 PM | Anonymous

    Students battling sicle cell anemia and childhood cancer depend on blood donations for health and strength this school year. Blood transfused from donors of similar ethnicities helps to prevent sickle cell patients from experiencing complications. Blood and platelet transfusions help children battling cancers to endure tough cancer treatments. Hurricane Dorian has forced the cancellation of approximately 70 Red Cross blood drives, resulting in more than 1,800 uncollected blood and platelet donations. Please donate blood today.

  • 08/26/2019 3:17 PM | Anonymous

    The Red Cross history program is looking for volunteers to help make the Clara Barton story more accessible through a Library of Congress crowd sourcing initiative entitled By the People.

    This program invites the general public to connect with Library of Congress collections as virtual volunteers—transcribing, reviewing, and tagging historical texts to improve search and accessibility of historical materials.

    Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881 and kept diaries through much of her life producing a wealth of correspondence documenting her activities in numerous progressive causes. Despite her accomplishments, she expressed frustration with the barriers that confronted her as a woman. Many of Barton's papers have never been transcribed and participants of the project could be the first in over a century to read some of these pages in full.

    Transcriptions will make these materials accessible for other people all around the world, and act as a catalyst for new research on this remarkable woman and her times. Barton was known as the “Angel of the Battlefield” and these papers document her roles in founding of the American Red Cross, organizing relief aid for the most devastating natural disasters of the late nineteenth-century, her early career in teaching, as a government clerk at the Patent Office, a director of a women’s prison and as an advocate for reform.

    Transcription and tagging of these materials will create keyword searches for over 6,000 pages improving discovery and opportunities for connection to her legacy. The Red Cross is getting involved with this initiative during the week of August 26 through August 30.

    How Can I Get Involved?

    • Establish an account and review the basic instructions for transcribing documents.
    • Direct questions regarding the project to Red Cross History and use By the People in the subject line.
    • Red Cross will track sign ups and the number of documents transcribed then send out an update after the week is completed.

  • 08/23/2019 9:11 AM | Anonymous

    Join friends and others at the American Red Cross Overseas Association(ARCOA) Fall Memorial Friday, October 4 at 1:00 pm at Red Cross Headquarters Washington, DC.  This is an annual event to honor those lost in the past year or whose information ARCOA only recently received. 

    The ARCOA Board meeting will be held that morning at 9:00 am, also at Red Cross Headquarters; everyone is invited to attend and participate.

    The registration form and more details are available on line or contact arcoainfo@gmail.com.

  • 08/23/2019 9:03 AM | Anonymous

    Summer continues to be a difficult time to collect blood and platelets.   The demand for blood products by hospitals is currently higher than donations which is why Red Cross continues this emergency appeal.  You can find a blood drive near you.

    Click here to schedule a blood donation. Give blood if you are eligible, recruit someone else to give blood.

  • 08/05/2019 1:27 PM | Anonymous

    The American Red Cross is supporting communities following two mass casualty events in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. These tragedies are heartbreaking for those affected personally, as well as emotionally difficult for our Red Crossers responding on the ground. Please keep these communities and colleagues in your thoughts.

    Red Cross have posted the following media statement on redcross.org:

    Our hearts go out to all those affected by the tragedies in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. The American Red Cross is working in close coordination with emergency officials to provide comfort and support to the affected communities. In El Paso specifically, Red Cross volunteers are also supporting a family assistance center. Over the coming days, we will continue to work with local officials and community partners to determine how we can best support both communities and the loved ones of those who have been harmed.

    We understand that people across the country want to help and we appreciate that support. Right now, the Red Cross has what it needs to support these events. While we do not typically serve hospitals in El Paso or Dayton, the Red Cross stands ready to provide blood and blood products as needed in response to these tragedies.

    Volunteer blood donors are needed each and every day to help save lives. These tragedies illustrate that it is the blood already on the shelves that helps during an emergency. Unfortunately, fewer blood donors and blood drives during the summer months make it one of the most challenging times of the year for blood and platelet donations. The Red Cross is grateful for all donors who generously give blood throughout the country.

  • 08/01/2019 10:28 AM | Anonymous

    By Richard Reider, ARC Gift Planning Program Manager

    As you know, being prepared is a key principle of the American Red Cross. It is important to plan and get one’s financial affairs in order and the Red Cross has partnered with FreeWill.com so that you can prepare your will online – entirely for free.

    FreeWill is a secure, online tool that will take you through the will preparation process step by step. If you have a simple estate, you can print your legal will to be signed and witnessed. If you have a more complex estate, the same tools will help you document your wishes and offer guidance in finding a qualified attorney near you to finalize your plans. 

    The site also allows you to set up an Advance Healthcare Directive and Durable Financial Power of Attorney.  A healthcare directive reflects the healthcare decisions you would make if you become unable to speak for yourself. The financial power of attorney appoints someone to act on your behalf with respect to financial matters should you become unable to do so.

    Your will is one of the most personal and important financial documents in your life. As you go through this process, Red Cross hopes you will consider including the American Red Cross for a charitable gift, as an organization that makes a difference in the lives of so many people.

  • 07/30/2019 11:27 AM | Anonymous

    As you know, summer continues to be a difficult time to collect blood and platelets.  During Independence Day week about 450 fewer blood drives were held compared to an average week, which led to about 17,000 fewer blood donations.  The demand for blood products by hospitals is currently higher than donations which is why Red Cross is launching this appeal.

    Click here to schedule a blood donation. Give blood if you are eligible, recruit someone else to give blood and spread the word on social media using #MissingTypes or posing with a campaign selfie sign.

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