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  • 01/19/2022 1:31 PM | Anonymous

    If you haven't yet subscribed to the " Chasing Life”  podcast with Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN, think about signing up for this new season.  Dr. Gupta explores the mysteries of the brain and why it makes us who we are.  the season will follow how the brain impacts not only our mental health but our physical health.  Learn how the memory works, why we experience burnout, what goes on chemically when we fall in love, and the benefits of spending time in nature for example. 

    The first episode which is available now, is on the expectation effect and how our assumptions can actually impact our health outcomes and the science that proves it.  Check out Season 3 to help us live better and healthier lives through science. Subscribe by clicking this link or wherever you get podcasts.

  • 01/16/2022 12:09 PM | Anonymous

    The American Red Cross is facing a national blood crisis – its worst blood shortage in over a decade, posing a concerning risk to patient care. Blood and platelet donations are critically needed to help prevent further delays in vital medical treatments. Please schedule your blood donation today.

    Harold Brooks, President of the American Red Cross Retiree Association, urges all eligible members to roll up their sleeves during this unprecedented time and to spread the word to others. Noting information sent to media around the country, Harold emphasizes that many businesses and organizations are experiencing pandemic challenges, and the Red Cross is no different. He suggests going to  Red Cross National Blood Supply Shortage Crisis (redcrossblood.org) to learn more about the blood crisis and to link to appointments available in your region..

    Mary Buszuwski, a newly elected ARCRA board member, shares her experience. “I have donated blood to Red Cross since my days in college. I did it because donating blood was the right thing to do. It never occurred to me that someone in my own family would have their life saved by blood transfusions.”

    Ms. Buszuwski says that 15 years ago her younger sister needed surgery, and during the procedure she bled out on the operating table. “The doctors and nurses didn’t think she was going to survive. She was given one and half times her total blood volume in transfusions. It saved her life, and she is still with us today."

    "My family will never be able to thank the many anonymous blood donors who saved my sister’s life, but it’s good to know that people donated blood because it was the right thing to do.”  

    Please schedule your blood donation today.

  • 12/23/2021 3:40 PM | Anonymous

    The American Red Cross orchestrated a surprise reunion between a service member stationed overseas and his stateside family at the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas. On the field, the Army Knights narrowly defeated the Missouri Tigers 24-22. But all eyes were on the heartfelt reunion just before halftime between Air Force SSgt. Jared Lenamon and his family, including his eight-year-old daughter.

    “The opportunity to surprise my family and come home for Christmas is just amazing,” said Jared, who is currently stationed in the United Kingdom. Due to back-to-back overseas assignments, he hasn’t seen much of his family since 2017.  

    According to event organizers, reuniting a service member and family is an annual tradition and is often the highlight of the game. The Red Cross, in conjunction with ESPN and American Airlines, selected the service member and orchestrated the logistics to make the reunion happen.

    Read more and see pictures at redcross.org

  • 12/12/2021 11:43 AM | Anonymous

    Most of us are walking around with lots of stuff in our wallet but we think we are keeping our identity safe.  AARP and cybersecurity expert Jon Clay, of Trend Micro, suggest removing ten items from your wallet.  They suggest storing them in a safe place like a fireproof lock box or a safe deposit box. The first five are obvious:

    • Social Security card
    • COVID-19 vaccination record card, which carries your date of birth 
    • Birth certificate
    • List of your passwords
    • Passport or passport card

    But most of us carry some or all of the following items in our wallet, pocket or the black hole that we women refer to as our handbag, pocketbook, or purse:

    • Work ID card
    • Checkbook, or even one blank check
    • Gift card not fully redeemed
    • Multiple credit cards and credit-card receipts
    • Library card

    Read more at AARP

  • 12/11/2021 9:40 PM | Anonymous

    The American Red Cross and partners are working around the clock across multiple states to help those in need and make sure everyone has a safe place to stay, food to eat, critical relief supplies, emotional support and comfort in the face of one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in years.

    At least 24 tornadoes ripped across six states in the dark of night, impacting people in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. Initial reports show that some communities have suffered significant damage with homes and buildings destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people left without power.

    Several emergency shelters are open to provide comfort for people who can’t return home. As the weather clears, Red Cross volunteers will be out in affected communities assessing the damage left behind to help determine the types of support people may need in the coming days and weeks.

    THREAT NOT OVER The National Weather Service reports the severe weather continues today from the Ohio and Tennessee valleys to the northern Gulf States. As Red Cross workers respond to last night’s tornadoes, we urge everyone who remains in the path of this ongoing severe weather system to listen to the advice of local officials and be ready to get to a safe place quickly in case of a tornado warning. Download the free Red Cross Emergency app for access to real-time information and safety tips. The Emergency app is available in app stores by searching for the American Red Cross or going to redcross.org/apps.

    PLEASE GIVE BLOOD The Red Cross has provided more than 160 blood products to hospitals in response to these devastating tornadoes. We remain in touch with our hospital partners throughout affected areas and stand ready to provide additional blood products as needed. We also anticipate Red Cross blood drives in affected communities may be canceled or experience lower donor turnout in the coming days, further challenging an already historically low blood supply.

    YOU CAN HELP people affected by disasters like storms, home fires and countless other crises by making a gift to Red Cross Disaster Relief. Those in areas unaffected by this tornado outbreak are urged to make an appointment today to give blood and ensure blood products are available for patients wherever the need arises.

    Your donation is a commitment to helping people in need, and every single contribution matters, enabling the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small. To make a financial donation or schedule an appointment to give blood or platelets, visit redcross.org or call 800-RED CROSS. You can also use the Red Cross Blood Donor app or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 gift today.

    Read more at RedCross.org

  • 12/11/2021 9:37 PM | Anonymous

    Clara Barton’s inspiration for starting the American Red Cross was cultivated while caring for the sick and wounded on Civil War battlefields. As a unique artifact from her time, her trunk bed is a great reminder to appreciate stories told through any medium – whether it’s on paper, through a photograph or even a foldaway bed.

    WHY THIS BED? Barton was determined to carry out the work she saw as necessary to help get supplies and medical care to the Civil War battlefields – so determined that she convinced the government and the Army to give her passes to go behind military lines.

    According to Red Cross records, Barton’s situation led to a firm in Philadelphia for a trunk bed so it could be used on the battlefield as she tends to wounded soldiers.

    CONSTRUCTION AND HISTORY Also called a camp bed, the piece is constructed to fold into a traveling trunk, complete with a wooden frame and tooled leather. To use the bed, Barton would have opened up the trunk into three sections – hinged on the short sides of the trunk as it opens – to reveal heavy canvas attached to the frame with nails

    Read more and view photos on the Red Cross Blog

  • 12/02/2021 3:47 PM | Anonymous

    From a post on the Red Cross Blog December 1, 2021

    Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, has played a pivotal role in U.S. history. From establishing the first free public school in Bordentown, New Jersey to helping wounded soldiers and reconnecting missing soldiers with their families after the Civil War, only scratch the surface of her harrowing life. With a vast number of accomplishments, here are seven facts you may have not known about her which we hope will inspire you to be as bold as Clara and lead like her.

    A unique birthday, for a unique person
    Clara Harlowe Barton was born on Christmas day, December 25, 1821, in North Oxford Massachusetts. Clara was the youngest of five children.

    A Love for Teaching, (but with Equal Pay)While still a teenager, she began teaching school near North Oxford, Massachusetts at time when most teachers were men. The school offered her a position in the winter months with the same lower pay she received for the summer months. She stated “I may sometimes be willing to teach for nothing, but if paid at all, I shall never do a man’s work for less than a man’s pay.” Clara’s resolve and sterling reputation as a teacher won out and she was paid the same as the male teachers. Go Clara!

    Read the blog post on Redcross.org

    Watch Youtube video

  • 11/30/2021 6:17 PM | Anonymous

    2021 marked one of the country’s most active years for severe weather — which battered many communities still reeling from last year’s disasters. For thousands of people in need, the Red Cross launched a new major relief effort every 11 days to provide refuge, food and care.

    This year, a family displaced by a disaster in the U.S. spent an average of nearly 30 days in a Red Cross-supported emergency shelter. These extended stays were largely due to a lack of savings and community housing shortages — signs that climate-driven disasters are compounding the financial hardships of the pandemic.

    Red Cross volunteers also provided free services such as food, relief items, health services and emotional support — and distributed emergency financial assistance to help more than 211,400 people with urgent disaster needs, such as making a deposit on a new apartment or replacing lost clothing.

    To meet the increasing needs of hospital patients, the Red Cross distributed 250,000 more blood products in 2021 than last year, until the delta variant began to spread in August. The pandemic also resulted in fewer blood drives at schools and colleges, contributing to a 34% drop in new blood donors from last year — one of the largest year-to-year decreases that could threaten essential medical care for patients.

    As a result of low blood donor turnout in recent months, the Red Cross is heading into the holidays with its lowest blood supply in more than a decade at this time of year. Blood donations are desperately needed now to meet the needs of accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease.

    All those who come to give Nov. 29-Dec.16 will automatically be entered for the chance to win a private screening for the winner and 50 of their guests of the epic new film The Matrix Resurrections. Plus, those who come to give Nov. 29-Dec. 16 will also get a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card by email, thanks to Amazon.*

    This holiday season visit redcross.org to make a financial donation or an appointment to give blood or platelets. You can also learn about volunteer opportunities in your community and give back in honor of American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, whose 200th birthday will be commemorated on December 25.

    Read more at RedCross.org

  • 11/23/2021 12:47 PM | Anonymous

    Lots of families use the Thanksgiving weekend to decorate their homes for the holidays.  Candles are very popular, especially around the holidays, but candles cause about 20 home fires a day on average in the U.S.  And, December is the peak month for home candle fires. If you’re decorating with candles this holiday season, consider using the battery-operated kind. If you must use candles, keep them away from anything that could burn, and place them out of reach of pets and children. Never leave burning candles unattended.

    Follow these tips from the Red Cross to keep your holidays safe:

    • Check all holiday light cords to ensure they aren’t frayed or broken. Don’t string too many strands of lights together — no more than three per extension cord.
    • Turn off all holiday lights when going to bed or leaving the house.
    • Ensure outside decorations are for outdoor use and fasten lights securely to your home or trees. If using hooks or nails outside, make sure they are insulated to avoid an electrocution or fire hazard.

    Click here for more tips from the Red Cross.

  • 11/22/2021 1:05 PM | Anonymous

    This year people all around the world have faced dire conditions and emergency needs stemming from the challenges of the pandemic, climate change and global conflict.

    Around the globe, COVID-19 has converged with severe drought and conflict, creating massive humanitarian needs for a growing number of displaced families. According to UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, some 84 million people were forcibly displaced this year.

    The world’s most vulnerable people are most affected by these struggles. After living through perilous journeys, migrants often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are desperate — hungry, exhausted and frightened. Be it unaccompanied children at the U.S.-Mexico border, displaced families from Afghanistan at U.S. military bases or migrants in distress in the Mediterranean Sea, the American Red Cross has been there to provide medical assistance, emotional support and critical relief items.

    This year, at the request of federal government partners, Red Cross workers distributed more than 2.1 million essential items — blankets, diapers, medicine and toys — for evacuees from Afghanistan, as well as unaccompanied children seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

    Read more at Red Cross.org

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