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New Board Members Elected To ARCRA Board

02/09/2019 11:32 AM | Anonymous

Four new board members were elected to the ARCRA Board.  They participated in the board meeting conference call on February 7. The new elected board members are:

Anne Beaulieu retired in 2018.  She served American Red Cross for 10 years, in a variety of locations and roles including financial development director for Massachusetts Bay Chapter, and donor recruitment positions in Rochester, Farmington and Wichita Falls. She was president and CEO of the United Way of Duchess County, New York and worked in the Greater Rochester United Way. She was president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Southeast Massachusetts and a senior development executive in several organizations. Anne lives in Marian, Mass.

Rosemary Leyland retired in 2008, after 41 years as an American Red Cross staff member; she has 10 additional years as a Red Cross volunteer. Her career was in the Penn Jersey Blood Services Region; at various times she served as director of strategy development, volunteer administration, chapter relations, and donor resources development. Since retirement, she has served on the Region’s board of directors. For four years Rosemary chaired the PenJerDel affiliated group. Rosemary lives in Ambler, Pa.-

John Pacheco retired in 2012, after a 35-year career in American Red Cross in southern California He was CEO of the Santa Monica chapter, and held various health and safety positions in the Greater Los Angeles Chapter and the Los Angeles blood region. He continues as a National Instructor in Disaster Services, and is currently the chair of the Southern California affiliated group. John currently is chair of the Emergency Services Committee Sylmar Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles.

Sharyn Whitman retired in 2015, after serving in Red Cross for 38 years. She held blood region CEO posts in Ft. Wayne and Columbus, and also served as the Division Vice President overseeing Red Cross blood regions in Ft. Wayne, Louisville and Nashville. Previously she had been administrator of the Northern Ohio Region in Cleveland, and before that, Director of Product Management. Sharyn holds an MBA from Baldwin University, and completed Harvard University’s Partners in Organizational Leadership program. Sharyn lives in Hanover, Ind.

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