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Keep Your Identity Safe - Take These Items Out of Your Wallet

12/12/2021 11:43 AM | Anonymous

Most of us are walking around with lots of stuff in our wallet but we think we are keeping our identity safe.  AARP and cybersecurity expert Jon Clay, of Trend Micro, suggest removing ten items from your wallet.  They suggest storing them in a safe place like a fireproof lock box or a safe deposit box. The first five are obvious:

  • Social Security card
  • COVID-19 vaccination record card, which carries your date of birth 
  • Birth certificate
  • List of your passwords
  • Passport or passport card

But most of us carry some or all of the following items in our wallet, pocket or the black hole that we women refer to as our handbag, pocketbook, or purse:

  • Work ID card
  • Checkbook, or even one blank check
  • Gift card not fully redeemed
  • Multiple credit cards and credit-card receipts
  • Library card

Read more at AARP

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